January 2012

I've been reflecting on this year and just realized that so much has happened. So far this month me and husband went to Cloudcroft and played in the snow :). It snowed so much this month and it has been so cold. It was the first time I had ever been there and been sledding in the snow! It was a blast!

 We made two cakes this month, one for a friend's baby shower and one for my niece. It felt so good to get back into the kitchen and bake. I missed that outlet of creativity. I was fun to have a birthday party for my niece! It was her 3rd birthday this month, and it is so amazing to see how fast she is growing up! We bought her the cutest little outfit. I miss shopping for them.

Got new closet items this month! And if course that makes my heart happy. Husband has already been spoiling me for my birthday and it isn't until Thursday. I am so very blessed.

Tried some new things this month, and found the most amazing yogurt place at our mall! Frozen yogurt with yummy fresh fruit! Looks like I found my new yummy outlet for a healthy treat :)

I've been getting closer to family this year and I love it. I miss how close I used to be with them.

Me and husband have grown so much together this past month. I have been learning so many things about being a wife and God has been really molding me. He has poured so many dreams in me and I am excited to embrace them all! I don't know how long it will take before I get to all of them but I am determined to get them all done this year in the perfect season that God wants for my life :).

I'm excited to get back into the blogging scene! This will be a short one for today.

Hope you all had a great Monday :)

xo, the mrs.

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