New Chapter

Today was the big day!
We turned in the keys and said goodbye to our home for the past 10 months. 

It was a bitter sweet goodbye.
It seems like we left so much behind, yet there are so many great things that I know lie ahead for us.

A second chance, and a chance to start completely over.
That is what I am most excited for.

And I am excited to get closer to my in-laws, and for Aiden to get closer to them as well.

I can say though, that we are so exhausted. This entire week has been such a blur, and moving out in a day and a half has drained us so bad.

It is nice to have it all said and done, and now onto getting cozy into our new home.

Let's see what this new chapter has in store.





Sorry that it has been so long, a week exactly, since I have blogged.
It started with a very busy weekend that just spilled into a very busy week.

And it is also going to be another busy week.
We had to make a very big decision today,
we will be moving out of our little apartment and moving in with my in-laws and we only have less than a week to do it.

I am a little nervous about the time limit.
I am hoping that we can get everything done.
I just so happened to spring clean our apartment this weekend and past week{which is another reason why I have not blogged} so that really helps us.

I am so grateful to have this opportunity. My in-laws are such a blessing and it will be nice to have them around Aiden. It is a little sad, and humbling, to no longer be able to have a place that is our own, but I am so blessed that we will be surrounded by people that love us, and most importantly our son.

It's hard not to give into the moments at times where it feels like this is going to be a season that lasts forever. I know it is starting to really get to my husband; but I am hoping that by the time I return back to work that my husband will have a new amazing job that pays great and has great benefits. I don't know at times why that feels so impossible. I must remain positive and keep my hope grounded in the Lord.

It feels like there is so much opposition for us right now, but when I take the time to really think about it, it gets steeper the closer you get to the mountain top, so I pray that this is just a sign that our breakthrough is almost here.

I talked to a great friend of mine today, and she reminded me that this just adds to my story.
I still believe that there is a lesson in all of this. And my biggest prayer is that we learn what it is in God's timing and that our flesh doesn't make this test last longer than it has to.

I can really say that this circumstance has really changed the way I think and feel about a lot of things.
I have often found myself angry- not at my situation but with myself.

Angry that I somehow strayed away from the saver that I used to be.
Angry that I took Gabriel's job for granted and just assumed that it would always be there.
Angry that I did not live a more simple life and didn't find and stress the need to really save like I could of.

I regret the credit lines opened just so I could buy more things because I became dissatisfied with what I had.

I became so consumed with feeling like I needed to give in to a certain image and lifestyle that was out of my means.

I was never like that.

I was the girl that found 20 ways to re-invent the same outfit.

I lost my creativity. I lost my discipline. I lost my focus. And now I see the repercussions to it.

I wish I could go back and change everything and help myself be better prepared.
But I can't.
All I can do now is change my future. And I pray that I never take this experience for granted.

I pray that down the line when things get better I don't fall into the same patterns and that this season of my life just become a bad movie clip that I forget about.

I truly want to Live Like No One Else, So That I May Live Like No One Else.
I am done being a poor steward. I am done with this situation. I just want to live financially free.

How did I let things get this way?
That is the question that I am struggling with the most. 

I never pictured us going through this. I can not deny that at times it is hard not to feel prideful. I struggle with the need to feel like I have to be self sufficient. 

I think it comes from being raised by a strong, single mother. 

It has affected the way I feel about how I have to be in certain situations.
My mom is one of the most strongest, beautiful woman I know, and I feel like I get the need for feeling independent from her.

She always had to be strong for us.
Her faith always covered us and carried us.
I feel like I have to be just as strong as she is for us.

When I think about our circumstance, this quote above describes it perfectly.

It is kind of like child birth.

The moments leading up to Aiden's birth were so painful and intense. They required all the strength I had and brought out a power and love I never knew I had inside of myself. And after all the sweat, tears, blood and pain I received the most beautiful blessing I could have ever imagined. 

The love that I have for my son is more than I ever imagined.
I never thought I could love like this.

And if such beauty could come from such pain,
I believe that the same will happen for us financially as well.

Thanks for tuning in!




Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you all had a very good Valentine's Day.

As for me and Husby, we did.
What did our date consist of?
We each got two of our favorite slices of pizza at Dions.

Mine: Cheese, pepperoni, and green chile.
His: Cheese, pepperoni, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, and bacon.

Then got two Sweetheart shakes for the price of one at Sonic.

I think we got out on a pretty good deal this Valentine's Day.

Shoe of The Day

These are from Xhileration from Target. 
I actually blogged about them here when I bought them!

 They were an online deal that I scored on Target.com.

Aren't they cute?

I think so too.

What are your plans this weekend?
Share them with me!



Valentine's Day

I found these little treats at Wal-Mart yesterday.

It is the closest I am going to get to Atlanta Bread until we move to Colorado.

I was really excited when I found them. I really miss that restaurant.

This is my Valentine's Day outfit. Hubby is really excited for it and so am I.

I love being able to get dolled up again.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Mine involve me and Hubby on the couch cuddled up to a good movie and some fun snacks.

I have the two most cutest Valentines in the world. 

Aren't I blessed woman?

Shoe of The Day

Today's shoe of the day I found a year or two ago at Ross.
They are from BCBGeneration.
I love when I score finds for cheap!

I am an 'all about sales' woman.

And I just love how feminine these are.

Well, it is time for me to go enjoy my day with my Valentine's.

I hope you are all having a great day!

I leave you all with this:

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Lauren Conrad

Shoe of The Day

Today's shoe of the day is from the lovely Lauren Conrad.
Like most things in my closet I got these beauties on sale {over a year and a half ago} at Kohls.
You know what makes me happy? They still look new. 

If it is one thing I pride myself in it is how much I take care of my things. Especially my shoes.


I scored quite the deal on Posmark today. 

I sold 10 items (valued at $39 before my 25% off sale) for $15.
I'm sure you're wondering why that is a deal right? Well,after the sale, my items came out to $30. 
Wondering where the other $15 went?


I got these lovely flats! The lovely @iequalstyle sold me some flats I liked in her closet {that are perfectly new still might I add} in exchange for $15 off the things she ordered from me in my closet.

Now wouldn't you say that's a deal?

Check out our closets and start Poshing! It is such a great community and I am having so much fun.





I can always use a little reminder. ❤  There are so many plans I have for this year. Keeping up with my blog is part of it, and I am so glad that I have been able to do that so far.

Are there any big dreams that you have set for yourself for this year?

Inspired by Valentine's Day, I did myself an Ombre mani. There is a cute dress that I have planned for Valentine's Day that this would go great with. Stay tuned for that. I tried it on the other day just to make sure it fit now that I am postpartum, and Hubby fell in love with that. I would say that that makes it a success.

Shoe of the Day

These little darlings are from A'Gaci. 

I just had to get them.

I just believe that every girl should have a little sparkle in her step.

Like Ms. Marilyn Monroe says, give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.

What did you conquer today?




Blue Suede Shoes

Enjoyed this little treat this morning along with my breakfast. Isn't it darling?

It is getting me in the mood for Valentine's Day.

I also shipped out my first two Poshmark orders this morning. I am excited for my first two customers. 

Shoe of The Day

I scored this little fashion find at Target. You wouldn't believe what I found them for. 


You got that right.

Best $10 I have ever spent.
I like to refer to them as my little Blue Suede Shoes.


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It's barely noon and I would like to say my morning has already been quite productive. How about yours? Tell me all about it.





I got to sleep in and spend the morning and afternoon with this little guy all to myself.

Aren't I super blessed? I adore his long lashes. He got those from Daddy, and I prayed that he would the entire 9 months that I was pregnant. God answers even the smallest prayers. 

Speaking of prayers, I want to share how God has answered some of them!


This past week we were blessed in ways that we could not imagine. My bestfriend blessed us with $60 for groceries, we were taken grocery shopping by another awesome momma where she spent $100 to get us food, we were given $300, recieved a $50 Wal-Mart gift card and were just informed today that someone randomly blessed us and went and paid our $160 electric bill that would have been shut off if we would not have paid it this month. Not to mention we were also blessed with formula, diapers and I had two sales on Poshmark!

This week has had me at the point of happy tears. Since we were taken grocery shopping, we have decided to use the $360 towards bills. With that we have about $200 to put towards January's past due car payment.   What a blessing!

We were also notified that we are approved for Medicaid as a family, for food stamps, and for cash assistance. That will take away Aiden's weekly copay for his casting appointments, and we have never had such a big budget for groceries ever in the 2 years that we have been married. We literally can stock up every week on groceries! That brought tears to my eyes.

The cash assistance a month is about what I made in a week. It isn't much, but God willing if the amount doesn't change (for the worst) after we have our appointment this Friday it will help us make the car payment  every month. That lifts a big weight off my shoulders!

It touches me to see God work in our favor. I don't know how all of our other bills are going to get paid, but it lifts a lot of weight off my shoulders knowing that rent, the car, and food are taken care of.

I am touched beyond measure at how people have reached out to us. It was not expected from me. So many times people have 'promised' me and Gabriel things and never fallen through, or if they did, they would hang it over our head that they helped us and make us feel horrible about being in need.

So you can imagine the tremendous blessing it is for people that really care to reach out to us without us even being able to know who they are. I have never had something done for me at such a level.


I will admit that it still crosses my mind how we will get by until Gabriel gets a new job. The assistance from the government helps but it is still barely enough to cover our two basics. But I believe that God is just showing us the tip of the iceberg of His goodness.
And I am grateful on how it has changed my perspective on my attitude towards my wants and my needs. After this I never want to take out another loan or credit card again. It so isn't worth it. 

The next loan I will ever get will be to take out a mortgage, and that's if by then I can't pay for it cash.

It really has taught me a lot about true stewardship.


After my last post No Income and Three Mouths To Feed it kind of inspired me to document our journey and show along the way how God brings us out of this situation. It is not a situation that I am proud to be in, but I know that it will be nice to look back and see how God has brought me through, and it will be a chance to touch someone else who may be going through the same thing that I am.

How can someone know my story if I never open my mouth and share it?

So welcome into the most innerparts of our lives. It isn't the glamour that I wish it would be at this point, but I know that God is working behind the scenes to use it for my good and for His glory. 

I am excited for what is to come. There really is no where to go but up!

Shoe of The Day

Now for the promised part of my blog. You didn't think I forgot did you?

I got these cute things this past November for one of my bestfriend's wedding. I was her {very prego} bridesmaid and these were my shoes! A $16 score at JC Penny.

Aren't they cute? I love them.


Well, thank you so much for tuning in. Feel free to shop my closest here or go up to the right to find the links to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.




Shoe Of The Day

Hello all. So yesterday was a hectic one with our little one, so I apologize that I didn't make my post. So I will make up for it in today's post.

Today was a pretty good day. Made Hubby an amazing breakfast. I even surprised myself.

Doesn't that look yummy?

Shoe of The Day (one)

These shoes are Xhileration, a lovely Target find. We found them on a great sale while I was so pregnant that high heels were not even an option anymore, but the lovely Hubby got them for me anyway. 

Isn't he just such a sweet heart?

Shoe of The Day (two)

I love these beauties. These are from the lovely Vera Wang, and they are a Kohls find. These were also found on sale.

Hubby also loves these. I wore them last Valentine's Day. Which reminds me, I need to get on the planning. What are your plans for Valentine's Day?




SM New York and Poshmark

Shoe of The Day

This post is a lot later than I would like, but I am glad to still get it in today. Today's shoe of the day is:

I found these beauties at Sears believe it or not! The brand is SM New York.

I love the edge that they give. I am really glad I found these. My mom actually got these for me last year on a window shop date that we had together. I am really blessed.


I sold my first thing on Poshmark today! So to thank my buyer I made her a cute custom thank you card. What do you think?

Interested in seeing what I have for sale in my closet? Click my Poshmark button that you see towards the left!

Thanks for tuning in!