One More Candle On The Cake...

It's my birthday today, and I can sincerely say that I had the most blessed day today! I got to sleep in and take my time getting dolled up. For memories sake today I wore my silky knee length emerald green dress with Husband's black tie as a belt, and my cute vintage looking black heels that are peep toe that come together and tie in the middle.

Started off the day with Husband at his work and didn't have to go in until 10:30. Got to work and was surprised to see that my station was covered in birthday decorations, presents, and cupcakes :). Made me feel so loved! I am very blessed by the job that I have!

Husband bought me some cute tan boots for my birthday (they are pictured here and in the blog entry below) along with a lot of my favorite candy, and some cute pens. Mom bought me some super hot heels! they are also in the picture above :) they are Jessica Simpsons, and beyond comfortable!

My friend Cat made me the most amazing cute little gift and card, and my other co-worker bought me a cute notepad with some nice pens. And I spent the evening with Husband, Mother, Brother and Nieces.

Couldn't have asked for a better day :)


The Mrs.

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