Passions have been the main thing on my mind lately. I have so many aspirations that I am so inspired to go after.

I have found what I am supposed to do in life and all I wanna do is stay home and work on my studio. I am working on the second room in our apartment and I wanna make it a studio for me and my husband to work in :).

I am debating if I want to go back to college and work on my degree. That is gonna require some prayer still because I don't want to go back and waste more time and more money.

I'm just so passionate for life. I am so excited to see what God has planned and I am anxious for all of God's dreams and plans for my life to come to pass. I have so much more to learn about myself. To learn about my life with my hubby.

It's an amazing thing to know that God has great things that will come out of me. I have so many things that I can not wait to birth out.

I feel like 2012 is going to be a year of birth in my life. I can feel my dreams coming alive in me and I can't wait to see them grow. I can't wait to nurture my dreams; and I am so excited to have you all embark on this journey with me.

Just know that great things are coming :) and I hope you all stay tuned in to see the great things that lie ahead.




Winter Wonderland

This is what we woke up to this morning! It was 5 degrees this morning and snowed all day yesterday. Needless to say wifey got a lot of good cuddling this morning in the cold!

I am super excited for this month! Two of our bestest friends are coming in from Colorado and we will be celebrating New Years together! And me and her will pamper ourselves while she is here :)

Also, I will finally be getting contacts! Yahoo! I'm so glad that I will be starting off 2012 without my glasses. Me and the hubby have a lot of great things planned for 2012 and I am really excited, and nervous at the same time.

This year has gone by so fast! There is so much to reflect on, and I hope I can make the time to write a post on it.
There are so many changes that are happening already, starting with working on our apartment. I am so excited to upload pictures once it is all done. Change is so scary and exciting at the same time!

Well, that is all for tonight. I will be writting more tomorrow :)

xo. the mrs.



And she is back!

Wow, it feels so good to be back! I missed this so much.

So I have decided to make time to update this more often. I miss the blogging community!

Well, what has been new. Since June:

I can truly say that I love my job! I have met so many new friends and my job has been so amazing.
I've gotten so much closer to some of my friends and it has been so great!

We have had 2 pregnancy scares! {maybe a third! we shall see.} Which has been an adventure in itself.

I upgraded my wedding band! And let me tell you that it is precious! :) I am a spoiled princess.

We had our first year anniversary, and it has been the best year of my life so far! I can't say enough how great God has been to us our first year of marriage.

We went to Colorado last month, and boy was that a blast! Our first vacation alone together and it was such an amazing thing for our marriage. I have never felt closer to my husband! I am so glad that we made the decision to do it.

I have had a great adventure with God and He has showed me what He has planned for me! And let me tell you that I am excited for my future and the plans that God has for me :)

And of course, I have gotten a lot of great shopping deals! Especially in Colorado :)!

I must end for today, it's snowing heavy outside and we still need to drive home.

You will hear again from me soon!

The Mrs.


I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hello everyone! Ahhh it feels so good to be back :) I don't know when I will have a chance to get back on but let me update you!

Training has been AMAZING! I love my job SO much! God has truly been a blessing to me {all smiles♥}. He is the most amazing heavenly Father.

My trainer and all of my co-workers that I am training with are so genuinely sweet. It is so refreshing and so fun to be around such great people all week. We laugh all the time {which is so nice}.

We were supposed to get our pictures taken today but most of us weren't gotten to. So hopefully tomorrow :) We got our first free shirt yesterday and our name plates today. One of the girls who hasn't even met me yet asked if I would like to carpool with her because she now has to do the training with us so that was really sweet. Helps me out with gas!

My trainer is super simpatico. So respectful and sweet- AND works for Banana Republic also. Can anyone say, yeah? I am just very blessed! Me and my hubby!

Well it's time to go celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.

Have a blessed weekend everybody :)!

xo, the super happy wifey


And So It Begins.

Today is my last day here at my job! And my 9 month anniversary of being married :). Looks like it's a good day so far. My work threw me a small breakfast party and I received some nice cards. It was nice.

This blog will probably be short. Just thought to let you in a lil on some small news.
I got a SUPER cute dress yesterday at Ross :) I love it! I shall be wearing it this Sunday to church with my new heels.

Also a cute little memory I wanna record so I can cherish it:

Last night me and my husband were putting gas and he went in to pay- he comes out and gives me something in my hand. I look down and it's a cute heart stone keychain that says "I love you". Cutest thing I have ever gotten :) I have such a great hubby.

Well the next two weeks are El Paso for me. Training! I am excited. So you all might not here from me for awhile. I truly hope that isn't the case though. Let's see what I come up with :)

Wish me luck ya'll!

xo. the mrs.


Closet Essentials

Hello! I am getting more and more excited that tomorrow is my last day! How exciting to be able to train out of town for two weeks :) I am loving the new adventures that I get to be taking.

More and more this job is from God. It may seem simple, but at my current job I have to wear pantyhose- no skin from the waist down can be showing- even if you're wearing slacks and pumps. SO, in my prayer closet I prayed that at my new job I wouldn't have to wear them. And guess what??!! At this new job I don't! I now have a full closet I can wear again! So excited.

Speaking of closets, I stayed up until midnight clearing out mine! And let me tell you I made a lot of progress. And all my shoes are lined up, nice and neat and clean!

With this new job I am thinking of what my wardrobe really needs and it got me to think of what are some good closet essentials that us ladies need.

So, with that being said I am going to make a list.

{afterall, I love lists}

Closet Essentials


It's great to have many of these in multiple colors. Their a closet basic.

   Trouser Shorts:
   Cute and modest enough for the days where it's hot and you're on the go.


Invest in them! It's always great to have good pumps. Shoes can definitely make or break an outfit.


These are also great investments. You can use them with dresses, tanks, camisoles, or even shirts.

Flats are a great investment as well. There are days where running around or a lot of walking is involved and pumps aren't the best option. Here you get comfort without compromising style.
 Classic White Button Up Top

Can't go wrong with this in the office. Another closet classic.


It's nice to invest in a cute vest. I have one and it's good for the office or for a night out.


These are also a good investment. More for Fall and Winter.
 Bubble Skirt

I love my bubble skirt. Stylish, comfy, and easy to accessorize. Pair it with a basic tee, long necklace, and some cute pumps or flats and you're ready to go!

It's always great to have a good variety of heels.
Closed toe, Peep Hole, Open toed and Key Hole shoes are always a great investment. Also, invest in a good pair of nude pumps. They are a good closet essential as well as the basic black pump.
 Jean Trouser

Good for a night out or for the office. Definitely an investment!


I adore these wedges. Wedges are so comfortable and perfect for when you're on the go yet still want to add height to your outfit.
 Pencil Skit

Simply a closet must.


Good to pair with a cardigan or to wear alone on the hot summer days.

These are my thoughts on closet essentials. What are yours :)?

xo, the mrs.


DIY Bubble Chandelier by 100 Layer Cakes!

Just when I thought that this blog was amazing, it out does itself!
this was taken from here

Look at this!

Isn't it amazing!
Check out the blog I got it from to see how to do it!

I definitely think that I will be making one of these whenever I buy a home :) or throw a cute party? who knows!

xo, nicole

Blank Canvas

I am loving this freshness in my life {all smiles}. Don't you love it when you can walk into a place, no one knows you, and completely start over? That is exactly what I am looking forward to with this new job.  I can't wait to meet new people and make new friends. Not to mention one of my old best friends will now be my co-worker!

I got this picture here
Do you ever get a new opportunity in your life, and it causes this domino effect that makes you wanna make everything fresh, clean, and new like your opportunity? 

Well that is exactly what I want to do with my closet!

With all the new bags and clothes that I've got recently {I got me shoes in the mail yesterday! Super cute and comfy!}I want a fresh new start with my wardrobe too.

SO. With that being said, let's have fun looking for style inspiration for my new job and for my wardrobe. I really liked this beauty.

{I got this cute image here}

I got this image here

And maybe bringing in some more basics to my closet?

I do love these. And I can steal one of my husband's watches or two {wink}. I do admit I have bought him some nice additions to his collection. {Secretly I buy ones I like too 'cause I know I can steal 'em now and then. wink wink}

I'm super excited to start working on my closet this weekend! With this new job starting Monday I hope I still have time to continue to post daily. I will for sure make it my most utmost effort {smile}.

Let me know what you guys have to say. :)

xo, the mrs.


DIY Feather Extensions by Little Miss Momma!

I am in love with this blog! This lady has got some talent :)!

via Little Miss Momma
This is Little Miss Momma. Isn't she adorable?
Her most recent DIY is her own take on feather extensions.

I am really excited about this one because hers are not permanent, they are so do-able, and you don't have to pay salon prices.

Come on over to her blog and see how she does it!

Here is a sneak peek of the awesome idea she has created!
Via Little Miss Momma

Via Little Miss Momma

This is definately a must for me :)

xo, me.

Fresh New Start! ♥

Hello everyone! It is a wonderful day and a fresh, new chapter in the Life of the Holguin's! {huge smile}
Ready for the {big} news?!!

Well here it is!:

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They called me yesterday that it was mine! I start next Monday {big grin!} I am still on cloud nine! What a beautiful testimony this is for me. I am so amazed at how God truly is on time every time. Even in what seemed like the longest season of waiting, God was faithful to me. He provided continually for me and even spoiled me with a shopping spree now and then.

All I can say is "Yay GOD!" Because I know without Him nothing good in my life would be possible!

It's a season of newness in our lives and I am so excited for what God has in store!

Just had to share the good news with you all :)

xo, the super happy mrs.


DIY Project :)

I love this tutorial! I think I will have to do it soon! My balcony is in need of some TLC. Hopefully I can do it this weekend :)


This is the tattoo that I got this weekend.

Well, to update ya on our weekend {smiles} it was awesome.
Started off Friday on a good note. As you all know I had the interview {should be getting a call soon to let me know if I got it}. Then after work I went and got my tattoo{yes, it hurt. a lot.There are actually two more hearts that were done after this picture was taken.But luckily I didn't cry {wink}. I just winced a lot}

I am so proud of it! It is healing up rather nicely and doesn't really hurt anymore.

After the tattoo we went and had a nice BBQ with Spencer and his parents {it was at his house}, Sean and Taylor, Me and Gabriel, and Bekah. We had some nice burgers, there was home made green chile that Spencer's parents just got from their garden, and we ended with fondue. Nice chocolate with banana and strawberries. It was delish.

Saturday was a nice fun day with the husband and I. We woke up, cleaned up the house a little bit and headed out to the mall. We stopped at the museum at the mall and had a lot of fun {cute photos taken of course}. Me and my husband built a house frame out of wood there. I love that we can be kids together. Since we were at the mall I took my ring in to get serviced and can't wait to get it back all sparkly again!

After the mall we headed to Ross to see if we could find him shoes. No luck, so we headed off to his hair appointment. My husband officially looks like a model {sexy howl}. He highlighted his hair, got an amazing cut and let me have his eye brows waxed. He sure is looking sexy.

We went to some more stores to see about shoes but nothing, so he bought a cool knife instead; then had lunch. It was yummy and much needed. Even though it was his shopping day I managed to sneak in two shirts for myself {wink, wink}.

We went back to the house and some of his family came over to swim. I then started working on a Marilyn Monroe painting that I promised my mother. It came out so good! Pictures will have to come soon {hopefully}.

Carmen and Martin then invited us for some fabulous dinner. It was some deliciously spiced chicken with melted swiss cheese on top, some lovely mushrooms and a side of some nice asparagus.
It was so yummy! {yup, this is a real picture of it}.
Then off to a softball game. My hubby won 11-1. Go team!

I got my Coach purse too and was blessed with a Coach backpack! And $400 worth of Herbalife for free by my friend!

It was just a day of blessings.

Sunday was a good day too. It was bitter sweet. Yesterday was our last day having our worship pastors and good friends Tommy and Casey. I will miss them and their kids Luke and Lucy. We are planning to save up and visit them in Connecticut for Christmas.

Me and Gabriel have been so blessed by them and I am so thankful that the Lord brought them into our lives.

After church yesterday we got the husbands car up and running! {woohoo!} So we were able to give Martin his car back. We then had a fun time last night at Peter Piper Pizza with the Youth Group at our church.

Things are looking up! Little did I know that this tattoo not only would mean so much to me be be done at a very appropriate time in my life.

So many changes are happening in mine and my husband's life and I am amazed at the work of God. And it's more than the Coach bags and the car and the free Herbalife.

These past 8 {going on 9} months with my hubby have been an interesting ride. I've talked about it in earlier blogs how being married has made me grow as a woman. The thing is, until this weekend, I have never really felt like a "woman". Yes, I am married. I am an adult. I live on my own with my husband, own two cars, have a 'professional' job. I clean my house, love my husband and own some designer pieces. I don't have a curfew and can do 'whatever I want', but for some reason I've never felt it.

Yesterday morning, something switched in me. Was it the tattoo? New Coach bag? Nope. 

Something was written in history for me and my husband by the hand of God yesterday. And as long as I have been serving God and as much as I know Him- I have never felt that feeling before. It's like I took this big maturing transformation in Christ, and I got a revelation from Him. 

It brings tears to my eyes as I realize that God has something BIG planned for me and my husband. And it's more than having enough money to pay for a fancy meal. It's more than having a nice car and being able to buy nice things on a dime.

All these struggles that me and my husband have faced now make sense. I can see what God was doing and I see God's hand over me this whole time. I thought I was so far from Him at times- and little did I know that we were right where He wanted to be.

Our trials were really just preparation time to get us to be aligned with God's will right where He want's us to be right now. And boy is that inspiring and life changing.

I am excited to see where God is going to lead us, and I am so excited for this incredible journey that God is gonna take us on.

God is so good! And I can't wait to jump in and take that leap of faith!


Reality Check. And Re-Check.

Have you ever thrown a big fit and afterwards felt a little shocked at yourself? You thought, 'Wow. If I was my own parent I would have smacked myself in the face right about now'. Well..

That was me last night. And I am pretty amazed {and disappointed} at myself. 

Lately, I have the "room" to complain. {so you would think}. Both of our cars are not drivable at the moment. Me and my husband want better jobs. My  house still hasn't had the chance to be fully cleaned since we have gotten back from camping {and if you know me I hate filth}. Last night when I want to blog and upload pictures my computer didn't work. That kind of set me off. I want more money and more clothes {pretty selfish when you think of what other people are forced to live without}. I want a Jeep. I want. I Want. I WANT.


How bad is that? I have SO much to be thankful for. SO. MUCH. 
1. I have salvation♥. What more could I ask for??
2. I am perfectly healthy {aside from a needed dentist visit. shame shame}.
3. I have a husband who loves God and loves me.


SO. Today is a pretty good day. Started off on a rough step with me and the hubby but we kissed and made up. {very happy about that}.

Got a good pay check today, have an interview, ordered some awesome shoes online {thank you baby}. As you guessed, these are them to the left. {wink} And guess what? My keen sense for fashion sales found these beauties for $10.48. {thank you Jesus and Target.com ♥}.

I can't wait to sport these lovely girls. I also get my tattoo this evening! Super nervous about that but excited too. Not many know {so consider yourself lucky you have the first spill}.

After my tattoo I will be attending a fondue birthday party for our lovely man friend Spencer. He just got back on Monday from a whole month of back packing Europe. Can you believe that? He's so lucky. He came back with a FULL beard. He's only like 18! Ha. Maybe 19.

Wanna know another happy note? I get a Coach purse tomorrow! I am {uber} excited about that. This is gonna be a pretty good weekend if I do say so myself.

I was going to post some pictures last night but I was having weird computer/internet issues with my laptop so I will try tomorrow or tonight. We had an amazing Bible Study last night and had some amazing Lettuce Wraps and Chicken Brown Rice. We learned some cool things about always wearing the full armor of God. I will have to write more about that late {when I have my notes with me}.

Enjoy your weekend bloggers :)

Till again.

xo, the mrs.


Some Fashionable Inspiration {wink}

I had a really sweet moment with my husband this morning {they happen often, and I just have to capture this one}. As we were getting ready to go to work, my husband with a cute sad face asks me why I didn't wake him up early. Being that we both are still tired from our camping trip I thought to let him sleep in this morning. I asked him why he wanted to be up early and he said so he can make me breakfast {smile}. I am truly blessed to have the husband that I have.

We decided that this Saturday we're gonna go on a coffee date together at a local coffee place down the street from our little home.

It has a nice atmosphere and free wifi, so maybe I'll have a chance to blog and post pics {wink}.
I love Saturdays with the husband. Maybe we'll have a nice lunch at a restaurant. The world is ours to conquer this weekend.

I plan on getting a lot done on my home. It is agreed with the husband that he will help me clean. Hopefully I will get a special package in the mail this week that will give me some inspiration. {smile}.

On a fashion note, I am itching to update my wardrobe. I am thinking of throwing another Sweet Swap Party. I threw one a couple of months ago and it was a huge success. We had delicious hors d'oeuvres and all walked away with great pieces. That's the great part about having fashionable friends {♥}. 

After looking at different fashion blogs I have been looking for some new inspiration and I have found that Princess Kate is in the bin. 

She is beautfiul, classy and has amazing style. She carries herself with such elegance and grace and I think she is a wonderful role-model to women. 

Even working out she is cute.
I adore this outfit. It's stunning.

Isn't she beautiful? I am thinking of adding more classic pieces like this to my wardrobe. 

So I decided to scour some stores and begin a wishlist. I found these at Dillards and already notified the hubby. I just love nude pumps. They go with mostly any outfit {if not every} and they slim your leg. Incredibly sexy.

Friday is payday- let's see what things I bring home this weekend{sly grin}.

Until later.

xo, Nicole.



When it comes to organization the hubby calls me OCD. Does anyone else relate? I love organization. I love things to be clean and am a firm advocate of 'A place for everything, everything in it's place". Do I have the pleasure of living like this 24/7? {smile} Unfortunately no. {I live with a boy, remember?} But I do do my best to live like I love.

I color code everything. Being the artistic person that I am my brain works best when I correlate things with color. I remember things better and, well, things just {make sense}.

I am beginning my take on making my own jewelry {its super fun}, and if you were to open my little cubbies of beads this is what you would literally find:

To me the world makes more sense when you know where everything is at. ESPECIALLY in regards to the fashion sense. How can you save time when you have a cluttered closet? You have no idea where your outfits are, and you waste money. You never knew you had that cute black blouse because you haven't seen it in months so you go out and shop for another one. 

I love to coordinate everything. At my mom's house I installed a closet system, and luckily my cute apartment has something manageable. Nothing like what I had but it is big. {I will have to take a picture one day}.

I am working at getting my drawers to be like this:
Doesn't this make your heart smile?
My husband will probably hate me for it because he will more than likely not be able to upkeep with it {lol} but I feel like there is no reason why we can't make our home a paradise. I love the idea of my home being like a wonderful guest house. Who wants their home to be a place they don't like to reside in?

For the past month I have been working on making our home our paradise :)
We have a cute approximate 800 square foot apartment and I am getting good at making it our own little place. Its {cute yet functional}. 

I am gonna work at my house again this Saturday. Maybe post some pics of the weekend and my house progress {smile}. I told the hubby that he must build me a closet like this whenever we build our home. The blessed princess that I am he agreed. {wink}.

Tips on Clearing Your Clutter:

An easy way to remember how to keep clutter away and have an organized home is to think of the acronym S.P.A.C.E.

The acronym stands for:

Sort. Sort items into categories and group similar items.

Purge. Purge to reduce the quantity and keep only what you really use, love, and get rid of the rest. If you haven't used it in 12 months toss it.

Assign. Assign a home for items. Decide if you need it on a shelf, drawer, bin or a certain section of your closet/cabinets.

Containerize. Separate items with containers or dividers.

Equalize. Equalize and maintain the system. Don't think of it so much as a hassle of putting things away as much as getting it ready for it's next use. You'll love that its right there when you need it.

Better Homes and Gardens is a great place to get ideas and tips and help get started. I subscribed for a year subscription to there magazine and can't wait to receive it in the mail.

Happy Organizing.

xo, the mrs. 

Home! ♥

Running hot water. Warm bed. Make up. Heels. ♥

Ahhh I'm back! And boy did I have a blast. I never knew that camping could be such fun. I will have to post pictures soon {smiles}. I encountered so many things out in the forest. We saw elk, squirrels, cranes, snakes, and fuzzy caterpillars. Not to mention we ate amazing.

Day 1:
We left way early in the morning. We were up by 4 getting ready for our 4 day adventure. We left the house at 5 and were on the road by 5:45.


Couldn't Hold It In

23 minutes. 23 minutes and I'm out of here!!!!!!!!!!! On vacation! So excited I couldn't help but post one more time {big grin}. Hope you all have a safe wonderful weekend!

Mine will involve fresh weather, a beautiful lake, pine trees, dirt, fishing, and amazing family/friend/ and Jesus time.

Wish me luck as it is my first time camping!

Till next week.


♥xo The Mrs.

Our Wedding Day

Here are some of our pictures as earlier promised. Seeing them makes me wanna get married all over again ♥

Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel R. Holguin

Behind every great man is an even greater woman {wink}. Right ladies?

This is by far my most favorite shot.

New Day.

Another brand new day.A lot was accomplished this week, and as a reward: the next four days of simple camping bliss. {all smiles}. I would really love to skip work today but I must endure till 5:00. At least lunch with the hubby will make it all better! Lunch with him always makes the days go by faster and better.

Now to make a shopping list, cleaning to-do list, and a packing list {I love lists can you tell?}. Time for this busy little bee to get to it! Hope I don't get to bed too late that way I am not exhausted for our little trip tomorrow.

I can't wait to come back and share the fun experiences and wonderful photos.

Before I leave for today, I will leave you with this:

[A virtuous woman] opens her mouth in skillful and godly Wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness [giving counsel and instruction].
Proverbs 31:26 AMP.

See you all next week! Have a safe, great weekend. I sure know I will! :)

xo, the mrs.


One of those mornings.... :)

Its one of those mornings! Forgot that I set my alarm ahead so I could sleep in yesterday and forgot to change it back last night- so needless to say I woke up late today. On the way late to work I forgot the breakfast my husband made me on the counter. Went to post something this morning on my Facebook page and didn't realize I was accidentally typing in the "Search Box" instead of my "Status Box" so it didn't get posted lol.  So at least my lunch and my head made it with me this morning :)

Soooooooooooo............... One more day and then CAMPING!!!!!!!!! :) I am uber excited for it. I can't wait to get away from the world and just enjoy a huge beautiful lake, grass, pine trees and wonderful company.

Have I mentioned that THIS is the OASIS I'm going to ???!!!!! :) I never knew that something this beautiful could exist in the same state I'm in!

It's gonna be nice to not have to communicate with anyone. To live so carefree for four days. What a haven :) I need to make my list today of stuff not to forget. And I need to clear my camera and charge it :) ahhhh!!

I am so blessed to be able to do this! I hope it's an amazing experience that I always remember. I hope I can tough it out. I have a girly side but I also grew up with brothers and was a tomboy for most of my life. Maybe I'll go back to climbing trees like I used to. Who knows?

To me, this is my weekend to explore and reconnect with life. Things have been so much better for me since I have started this blog. I forgot how therapeutic writing was for my soul. I'm so glad I finally took the step to make this blog. I thought to start one to capture life being married. I really wanted to have a blog before we got pregnant so I could see how things have changed, and so my kids can see how I was before being a mom.

It's kinda weird how I might be a mom one day {unless God comes before then}. I'm kinda scared to go through pregnancy. I wonder how my body will change? I hear amazing stories about being pregnant and then I hear horror stories about being pregnant lol. I hope any and all of my pregnancies are easy and not with a lot of problems.

We'll see whenever the Lord makes it happen.... :)

Well, those are my random babblings for today. 

I will see you all tomorrow if I don't write later.

Until next time :)