Its a new day and a fresh start! Well, I would love to think so anyway :)
So I am a little on the tired side due to a late nights rest but I just had a wonderful breakfast - so hopefully that will energize me up!

Had the scare of my life this morning thinking that either I lost, misplaced or had my camera stolen. But luckily I left it at a friends house! Phew.

Some more good news, I have a lead on a job :) which is a blessing from Heaven! I really need a new change of scenery in my life at this point. All in all things seem to be getting better. Still going through emotional and spiritual growth spurts but I love the life lessons that God is teaching me. It's amazing to know that God cares so much about me that He desires to mold me and make me better.

I have started attending a fellowship group that is apart of our church, and a very profound statement was said a couple weeks ago. We were all talking about the trials we go through and a lot of times how we question God's purpose and reasoning behind it all. And the answer is: "God is more concerned with your character than with your comfort". That has resonated with me ever since :).
I have been thinking a lot about my dreams and aspirations lately and there is so much that I want to do with my life and with mine and my husband's life.

I want to get to the point where I can work from home. I really want to start my own business. I absolutely LOVE to throw parties and plan out events. I go all out from the invitations to the silverware lol. Its something that I really love doing and I want to do it full time.

I love making jewelry and doing photography. I love baking cakes and doing intricate design work with my culinary skills. I have actually started up two sister blogs :) For my jewelry I started nicolelizabetholguincreations.blogspot.com and for mine and my husband's culinary artwork I have created gnculinarydesigns.blogspot.com. They are both new and under construction but I plan on doing a lot with them :).

I want to switch my major to HRTM because I want to start my own bakery or party planning business. I also LOVE to wedding plan! I absolutely love weddings and that's also a venue that I am thinking of entering. I will have to post pictures up of my wedding soon :) we had an amazing photographer. If any of you are looking for one here locally her name is Elise Taylor (Taylor'd Photography).

I also can't wait to finish paying off our debt. I want a hot-pink hard top Jeep ;)

There is one like this in town that I have seen and I love it :)
And my hubby said I can have one! and he would actually ride it!!! :))) He said that we will make bumper stickers that say on one side "My Wife's Jeep" and then on the other side it will say "My husband loves me so much he let me get this jeep!" Lol.

I also can't wait to move into a home, even if its a rental. I love my cute apartment and its pool and fireplace but I want a personal backyard. I want to be able to paint the walls if I want to :) 

I am really starving to move away to another city.  I want to break free from everything here. I want to live life on my own and independently. I would like to think that the things that are stopping me are my surrounding and the mindset of the people here. But I make sure to question myself and see if it is my own mindset that makes me feel like some things can't be accomplished now. I am not wanting to run from issues, I simply want a better environment. And I want an opportunity to really grow and force myself to be self dependent. I want to be more bold. And sometimes you just need to jump and let go :) that's what I desire to do.

I guess I will end for now until I get an itch to write again :)


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