On My Mind Today..

Life is grand...

So much on my mind today.
And luckily not everything is bad :) I had an extremely busy weekend but I spent it enjoyably with those that I love. Monika and Mari are in town from their missionary trips to Hong Kong and Jamaica and it has been so great having them over!

Baby? Not this time :)

Had another 'pregnancy scare' this weekend and it brought my mind to so many things. I was pleased to find that I wasn't sad or disappointed with the results. I am coming to a place where I know that God has everything under control, even though as human I do tend to worry sometimes. I know we will have a baby in His timing. Just tired of the false alarms! Lol :)

To be quite honest, I am glad we still have time to do things together. This weekend has brought so many thoughts to my mind about where I wanna be and what I want to see in life before I have children. Me and Gabriel have been talking and we both really want to move away. I want to experience life out of my shell, at least for a year or two.

Living in a small town is great, but I want to break free and follow my dreams- and the dreams that my husband and I have for us. Its kind of hard to be a young couple in a family. Sometimes it feels like no one takes us seriously. People still dump things on us assuming we don't have a life or a schedule- or even considering if we want our own time together.

I think it would be great for our marriage for us to move away someplace where its just me and him. To only really have God and each other to rely on. What an amazing leap of faith and deepening of friendship.

I would LOVE a change of scenery. I want to live someplace where a nice, big lake or a beautiful beach is in driving range. I would love to live somewhere where there is natural greenery. I think that would be so fun :) I just want to break out of this small-town mindset. The world is there waiting for us to explore it and I want to really take it for a ride ♥.

So..I will begin looking at different cities to move to :) it may take a year or two but its worth the wait! I'm just excited to see what me and Gabriel are capable of!!


Our cute little apartment is finally coming together after 8 months! :) bought some new furniture to start building up that second room. I am so excited for it. Its taken quite awhile but we are finally getting things together. I made a joke this weekend that its cause I finally have my hubby in check LOL. :) but it really has been a challenge living with a boy. It was me and my mom for forever and we were both neat freaks- so this has been a new experience. To me dusty = dirty and everything should have its own place. My husband is more of a 'clean pile' and 'dirty pile' kind of guy. But it keeps us balanced most of the time :) I think after 8 months he's finally starting to catch my drift lol.

He has been an amazing blessing in my life, stinky feet and all :) I can already see the growth in our marriage and its amazing to see how far we've come and how far we still have to go- but I am in for a lifetime ride.

Fun news: I am going camping for the first time ever in two weeks and I'm uber excited! I hope I'm not a diva when we go out there LOL. I'm looking forward to getting some time away and taking some nice pictures. I miss photography and really need to take it up again. I think its silly how we let life and schedules get in the way of what we love.So hopefully I will have a chance to post great pics :) I'm a little nervous but I can use some amazing time off.


So many exciting things are happening for me and Gabriel and I can't wait to embrace life and see what it has next! God has been so amazing to us and I pray that everyday we trust Him to the fullest and life that life that He has called over us.

That's all for now :)

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