New Apartment :)

We moved into a new apartment this weekend, and boy am I in love with it! It is absolute perfection compared to our other apartment.

I am though, very grateful that the move is over. I underestimated how exhausted I would feel with this move. Pregnancy, even this early on, takes such a toll on the body! So I am very happy that it happened while I was 3 months instead of me being further along. :) I can only imagine how much more tiresome it would have been should it have been later.

My energy is starting to pick back up on the other hand, and it feels amazing to kind of feel physically back to normal :), although I wouldn't trade any of these symptoms for the world. It is still so amazing to know that I am carrying life inside of me.

I will post pics of our new place as soon as possible. There are still a lot of boxes left to unpack.

Thanks for tuning in :).

Xo, the Mrs.

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