Gianni Bini

Today's shoe for the day is from Gianni Bini

I love the different pops of color and how the base of this shoe is a neutral grey. 

While taking pictures of these cuties I came to realize that I've had these shoes going on 4 years now. It makes my little fashion heart happy to know that I've taken such good care of them that they still look new.

If there is anything that I do and do right is take care of my things. I'm a firm believer that you should really take care of what you spend money on. After all, it's an investment! Especially when it comes to fashion.

Do you have closet classics that you have held on to that are still a closet hit? Share them with me. I would love to see what you have.



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  1. I just bumped into this blog post while searching for gorgeous Gianni Bini sandals. I love this pair this is super cute.