Lauren Conrad

Shoe of The Day

Today's shoe of the day is from the lovely Lauren Conrad.
Like most things in my closet I got these beauties on sale {over a year and a half ago} at Kohls.
You know what makes me happy? They still look new. 

If it is one thing I pride myself in it is how much I take care of my things. Especially my shoes.


I scored quite the deal on Posmark today. 

I sold 10 items (valued at $39 before my 25% off sale) for $15.
I'm sure you're wondering why that is a deal right? Well,after the sale, my items came out to $30. 
Wondering where the other $15 went?


I got these lovely flats! The lovely @iequalstyle sold me some flats I liked in her closet {that are perfectly new still might I add} in exchange for $15 off the things she ordered from me in my closet.

Now wouldn't you say that's a deal?

Check out our closets and start Poshing! It is such a great community and I am having so much fun.



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