SO. Today is a pretty good day. Started off on a rough step with me and the hubby but we kissed and made up. {very happy about that}.

Got a good pay check today, have an interview, ordered some awesome shoes online {thank you baby}. As you guessed, these are them to the left. {wink} And guess what? My keen sense for fashion sales found these beauties for $10.48. {thank you Jesus and Target.com ♥}.

I can't wait to sport these lovely girls. I also get my tattoo this evening! Super nervous about that but excited too. Not many know {so consider yourself lucky you have the first spill}.

After my tattoo I will be attending a fondue birthday party for our lovely man friend Spencer. He just got back on Monday from a whole month of back packing Europe. Can you believe that? He's so lucky. He came back with a FULL beard. He's only like 18! Ha. Maybe 19.

Wanna know another happy note? I get a Coach purse tomorrow! I am {uber} excited about that. This is gonna be a pretty good weekend if I do say so myself.

I was going to post some pictures last night but I was having weird computer/internet issues with my laptop so I will try tomorrow or tonight. We had an amazing Bible Study last night and had some amazing Lettuce Wraps and Chicken Brown Rice. We learned some cool things about always wearing the full armor of God. I will have to write more about that late {when I have my notes with me}.

Enjoy your weekend bloggers :)

Till again.

xo, the mrs.

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