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I am loving this freshness in my life {all smiles}. Don't you love it when you can walk into a place, no one knows you, and completely start over? That is exactly what I am looking forward to with this new job.  I can't wait to meet new people and make new friends. Not to mention one of my old best friends will now be my co-worker!

I got this picture here
Do you ever get a new opportunity in your life, and it causes this domino effect that makes you wanna make everything fresh, clean, and new like your opportunity? 

Well that is exactly what I want to do with my closet!

With all the new bags and clothes that I've got recently {I got me shoes in the mail yesterday! Super cute and comfy!}I want a fresh new start with my wardrobe too.

SO. With that being said, let's have fun looking for style inspiration for my new job and for my wardrobe. I really liked this beauty.

{I got this cute image here}

I got this image here

And maybe bringing in some more basics to my closet?

I do love these. And I can steal one of my husband's watches or two {wink}. I do admit I have bought him some nice additions to his collection. {Secretly I buy ones I like too 'cause I know I can steal 'em now and then. wink wink}

I'm super excited to start working on my closet this weekend! With this new job starting Monday I hope I still have time to continue to post daily. I will for sure make it my most utmost effort {smile}.

Let me know what you guys have to say. :)

xo, the mrs.

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