Some Fashionable Inspiration {wink}

I had a really sweet moment with my husband this morning {they happen often, and I just have to capture this one}. As we were getting ready to go to work, my husband with a cute sad face asks me why I didn't wake him up early. Being that we both are still tired from our camping trip I thought to let him sleep in this morning. I asked him why he wanted to be up early and he said so he can make me breakfast {smile}. I am truly blessed to have the husband that I have.

We decided that this Saturday we're gonna go on a coffee date together at a local coffee place down the street from our little home.

It has a nice atmosphere and free wifi, so maybe I'll have a chance to blog and post pics {wink}.
I love Saturdays with the husband. Maybe we'll have a nice lunch at a restaurant. The world is ours to conquer this weekend.

I plan on getting a lot done on my home. It is agreed with the husband that he will help me clean. Hopefully I will get a special package in the mail this week that will give me some inspiration. {smile}.

On a fashion note, I am itching to update my wardrobe. I am thinking of throwing another Sweet Swap Party. I threw one a couple of months ago and it was a huge success. We had delicious hors d'oeuvres and all walked away with great pieces. That's the great part about having fashionable friends {♥}. 

After looking at different fashion blogs I have been looking for some new inspiration and I have found that Princess Kate is in the bin. 

She is beautfiul, classy and has amazing style. She carries herself with such elegance and grace and I think she is a wonderful role-model to women. 

Even working out she is cute.
I adore this outfit. It's stunning.

Isn't she beautiful? I am thinking of adding more classic pieces like this to my wardrobe. 

So I decided to scour some stores and begin a wishlist. I found these at Dillards and already notified the hubby. I just love nude pumps. They go with mostly any outfit {if not every} and they slim your leg. Incredibly sexy.

Friday is payday- let's see what things I bring home this weekend{sly grin}.

Until later.

xo, Nicole.

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