This is the tattoo that I got this weekend.

Well, to update ya on our weekend {smiles} it was awesome.
Started off Friday on a good note. As you all know I had the interview {should be getting a call soon to let me know if I got it}. Then after work I went and got my tattoo{yes, it hurt. a lot.There are actually two more hearts that were done after this picture was taken.But luckily I didn't cry {wink}. I just winced a lot}

I am so proud of it! It is healing up rather nicely and doesn't really hurt anymore.

After the tattoo we went and had a nice BBQ with Spencer and his parents {it was at his house}, Sean and Taylor, Me and Gabriel, and Bekah. We had some nice burgers, there was home made green chile that Spencer's parents just got from their garden, and we ended with fondue. Nice chocolate with banana and strawberries. It was delish.

Saturday was a nice fun day with the husband and I. We woke up, cleaned up the house a little bit and headed out to the mall. We stopped at the museum at the mall and had a lot of fun {cute photos taken of course}. Me and my husband built a house frame out of wood there. I love that we can be kids together. Since we were at the mall I took my ring in to get serviced and can't wait to get it back all sparkly again!

After the mall we headed to Ross to see if we could find him shoes. No luck, so we headed off to his hair appointment. My husband officially looks like a model {sexy howl}. He highlighted his hair, got an amazing cut and let me have his eye brows waxed. He sure is looking sexy.

We went to some more stores to see about shoes but nothing, so he bought a cool knife instead; then had lunch. It was yummy and much needed. Even though it was his shopping day I managed to sneak in two shirts for myself {wink, wink}.

We went back to the house and some of his family came over to swim. I then started working on a Marilyn Monroe painting that I promised my mother. It came out so good! Pictures will have to come soon {hopefully}.

Carmen and Martin then invited us for some fabulous dinner. It was some deliciously spiced chicken with melted swiss cheese on top, some lovely mushrooms and a side of some nice asparagus.
It was so yummy! {yup, this is a real picture of it}.
Then off to a softball game. My hubby won 11-1. Go team!

I got my Coach purse too and was blessed with a Coach backpack! And $400 worth of Herbalife for free by my friend!

It was just a day of blessings.

Sunday was a good day too. It was bitter sweet. Yesterday was our last day having our worship pastors and good friends Tommy and Casey. I will miss them and their kids Luke and Lucy. We are planning to save up and visit them in Connecticut for Christmas.

Me and Gabriel have been so blessed by them and I am so thankful that the Lord brought them into our lives.

After church yesterday we got the husbands car up and running! {woohoo!} So we were able to give Martin his car back. We then had a fun time last night at Peter Piper Pizza with the Youth Group at our church.

Things are looking up! Little did I know that this tattoo not only would mean so much to me be be done at a very appropriate time in my life.

So many changes are happening in mine and my husband's life and I am amazed at the work of God. And it's more than the Coach bags and the car and the free Herbalife.

These past 8 {going on 9} months with my hubby have been an interesting ride. I've talked about it in earlier blogs how being married has made me grow as a woman. The thing is, until this weekend, I have never really felt like a "woman". Yes, I am married. I am an adult. I live on my own with my husband, own two cars, have a 'professional' job. I clean my house, love my husband and own some designer pieces. I don't have a curfew and can do 'whatever I want', but for some reason I've never felt it.

Yesterday morning, something switched in me. Was it the tattoo? New Coach bag? Nope. 

Something was written in history for me and my husband by the hand of God yesterday. And as long as I have been serving God and as much as I know Him- I have never felt that feeling before. It's like I took this big maturing transformation in Christ, and I got a revelation from Him. 

It brings tears to my eyes as I realize that God has something BIG planned for me and my husband. And it's more than having enough money to pay for a fancy meal. It's more than having a nice car and being able to buy nice things on a dime.

All these struggles that me and my husband have faced now make sense. I can see what God was doing and I see God's hand over me this whole time. I thought I was so far from Him at times- and little did I know that we were right where He wanted to be.

Our trials were really just preparation time to get us to be aligned with God's will right where He want's us to be right now. And boy is that inspiring and life changing.

I am excited to see where God is going to lead us, and I am so excited for this incredible journey that God is gonna take us on.

God is so good! And I can't wait to jump in and take that leap of faith!

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