And So It Begins.

Today is my last day here at my job! And my 9 month anniversary of being married :). Looks like it's a good day so far. My work threw me a small breakfast party and I received some nice cards. It was nice.

This blog will probably be short. Just thought to let you in a lil on some small news.
I got a SUPER cute dress yesterday at Ross :) I love it! I shall be wearing it this Sunday to church with my new heels.

Also a cute little memory I wanna record so I can cherish it:

Last night me and my husband were putting gas and he went in to pay- he comes out and gives me something in my hand. I look down and it's a cute heart stone keychain that says "I love you". Cutest thing I have ever gotten :) I have such a great hubby.

Well the next two weeks are El Paso for me. Training! I am excited. So you all might not here from me for awhile. I truly hope that isn't the case though. Let's see what I come up with :)

Wish me luck ya'll!

xo. the mrs.