Closet Essentials

Hello! I am getting more and more excited that tomorrow is my last day! How exciting to be able to train out of town for two weeks :) I am loving the new adventures that I get to be taking.

More and more this job is from God. It may seem simple, but at my current job I have to wear pantyhose- no skin from the waist down can be showing- even if you're wearing slacks and pumps. SO, in my prayer closet I prayed that at my new job I wouldn't have to wear them. And guess what??!! At this new job I don't! I now have a full closet I can wear again! So excited.

Speaking of closets, I stayed up until midnight clearing out mine! And let me tell you I made a lot of progress. And all my shoes are lined up, nice and neat and clean!

With this new job I am thinking of what my wardrobe really needs and it got me to think of what are some good closet essentials that us ladies need.

So, with that being said I am going to make a list.

{afterall, I love lists}

Closet Essentials


It's great to have many of these in multiple colors. Their a closet basic.

   Trouser Shorts:
   Cute and modest enough for the days where it's hot and you're on the go.


Invest in them! It's always great to have good pumps. Shoes can definitely make or break an outfit.


These are also great investments. You can use them with dresses, tanks, camisoles, or even shirts.

Flats are a great investment as well. There are days where running around or a lot of walking is involved and pumps aren't the best option. Here you get comfort without compromising style.
 Classic White Button Up Top

Can't go wrong with this in the office. Another closet classic.


It's nice to invest in a cute vest. I have one and it's good for the office or for a night out.


These are also a good investment. More for Fall and Winter.
 Bubble Skirt

I love my bubble skirt. Stylish, comfy, and easy to accessorize. Pair it with a basic tee, long necklace, and some cute pumps or flats and you're ready to go!

It's always great to have a good variety of heels.
Closed toe, Peep Hole, Open toed and Key Hole shoes are always a great investment. Also, invest in a good pair of nude pumps. They are a good closet essential as well as the basic black pump.
 Jean Trouser

Good for a night out or for the office. Definitely an investment!


I adore these wedges. Wedges are so comfortable and perfect for when you're on the go yet still want to add height to your outfit.
 Pencil Skit

Simply a closet must.


Good to pair with a cardigan or to wear alone on the hot summer days.

These are my thoughts on closet essentials. What are yours :)?

xo, the mrs.


  1. Cardigans for sure! I used to avoid purchasing them, because they always seemed a little pricey, but then I realized I want to wear one everyday!

    Ask the Duplex

  2. Exactly :) I actually need to add some more to my wardrobe!