When it comes to organization the hubby calls me OCD. Does anyone else relate? I love organization. I love things to be clean and am a firm advocate of 'A place for everything, everything in it's place". Do I have the pleasure of living like this 24/7? {smile} Unfortunately no. {I live with a boy, remember?} But I do do my best to live like I love.

I color code everything. Being the artistic person that I am my brain works best when I correlate things with color. I remember things better and, well, things just {make sense}.

I am beginning my take on making my own jewelry {its super fun}, and if you were to open my little cubbies of beads this is what you would literally find:

To me the world makes more sense when you know where everything is at. ESPECIALLY in regards to the fashion sense. How can you save time when you have a cluttered closet? You have no idea where your outfits are, and you waste money. You never knew you had that cute black blouse because you haven't seen it in months so you go out and shop for another one. 

I love to coordinate everything. At my mom's house I installed a closet system, and luckily my cute apartment has something manageable. Nothing like what I had but it is big. {I will have to take a picture one day}.

I am working at getting my drawers to be like this:
Doesn't this make your heart smile?
My husband will probably hate me for it because he will more than likely not be able to upkeep with it {lol} but I feel like there is no reason why we can't make our home a paradise. I love the idea of my home being like a wonderful guest house. Who wants their home to be a place they don't like to reside in?

For the past month I have been working on making our home our paradise :)
We have a cute approximate 800 square foot apartment and I am getting good at making it our own little place. Its {cute yet functional}. 

I am gonna work at my house again this Saturday. Maybe post some pics of the weekend and my house progress {smile}. I told the hubby that he must build me a closet like this whenever we build our home. The blessed princess that I am he agreed. {wink}.

Tips on Clearing Your Clutter:

An easy way to remember how to keep clutter away and have an organized home is to think of the acronym S.P.A.C.E.

The acronym stands for:

Sort. Sort items into categories and group similar items.

Purge. Purge to reduce the quantity and keep only what you really use, love, and get rid of the rest. If you haven't used it in 12 months toss it.

Assign. Assign a home for items. Decide if you need it on a shelf, drawer, bin or a certain section of your closet/cabinets.

Containerize. Separate items with containers or dividers.

Equalize. Equalize and maintain the system. Don't think of it so much as a hassle of putting things away as much as getting it ready for it's next use. You'll love that its right there when you need it.

Better Homes and Gardens is a great place to get ideas and tips and help get started. I subscribed for a year subscription to there magazine and can't wait to receive it in the mail.

Happy Organizing.

xo, the mrs. 

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