Reality Check. And Re-Check.

Have you ever thrown a big fit and afterwards felt a little shocked at yourself? You thought, 'Wow. If I was my own parent I would have smacked myself in the face right about now'. Well..

That was me last night. And I am pretty amazed {and disappointed} at myself. 

Lately, I have the "room" to complain. {so you would think}. Both of our cars are not drivable at the moment. Me and my husband want better jobs. My  house still hasn't had the chance to be fully cleaned since we have gotten back from camping {and if you know me I hate filth}. Last night when I want to blog and upload pictures my computer didn't work. That kind of set me off. I want more money and more clothes {pretty selfish when you think of what other people are forced to live without}. I want a Jeep. I want. I Want. I WANT.


How bad is that? I have SO much to be thankful for. SO. MUCH. 
1. I have salvation♥. What more could I ask for??
2. I am perfectly healthy {aside from a needed dentist visit. shame shame}.
3. I have a husband who loves God and loves me.
4. Even though we have been rocky after my brother passed away, I have my family.
5. Me and my husband have a job, regardless of how much we dislike and complain about 
    them at times.
6. I have a closet full of nice clothes and shoes.{that I really need to wear more often}
7. I have amazing friends.♥
8. I live in a wonderful apartment complex.  I have nice neighbors, a cute apartment with a fireplace, big 
  bathroom, big master bedroom with a big closet {I take up 80% of it LOL}. We have two nice pools and
  a hot tub. A laundry mat and a work out room.
9. Even though they aren't working I do have 2 cars. And it won't take that much more money to fix them up.
10. God always supplies my needs according to His riches and glory.
11. I have a digital camera and a cute laptop {I take for granted forget how much of a blessing that is}
12. I have electricity and running water.
13. Did I mention how amazing my friends are?? [smile}
14. Just today: I had a great breakfast, a job interview {that went great}, I got a great pair of shoes {that I 
     can't wait to come in yet}, a coach purse {which I will be getting tomorrow}, I will be getting my first
     tattoo {so nervous and excited!!}, and I get to hang out with my friends and celebrate my friend 
     Spencer's return and his birthday.
15. I have all my hair, fingers, toes, limbs.

How can I complain

I just had to set myself straight. There is so much to be thankful for in life and I think that the hunger for materialistic pleasure gets to all of us sometimes. We try to keep up with the Jones's and it causes discontentment to be stirred up in us. We begin comparing 'happiness', when in all reality, happiness is your choice.

I think we think:

'If only I had more money'
'If only I was more beautiful'
'If I could lose 20 pounds'      
                                                .... Then I could be happy. But if that were the case, why doesn't every celebrity have it all together? Why do they overdose on drugs and turn to partying and things that will never really satisfy them.

The truth is, we choose it. Job {from the Bible} is the prime example of true joy. I hope to be like him. That in all things I can say that the Lord gives and He takes away. Everyone loves the first part~ and hates the second. I don't like the second either. But it's just a reminder that this world is temporary. It reminds me that I have a mansion in Heaven, and it reminds me that I really need to consider my goals, and reevaluate where I am storing my treasures.

Just had to lay that all out there.

xo, the mrs.

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