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Ahhh I'm back! And boy did I have a blast. I never knew that camping could be such fun. I will have to post pictures soon {smiles}. I encountered so many things out in the forest. We saw elk, squirrels, cranes, snakes, and fuzzy caterpillars. Not to mention we ate amazing.

Day 1:
We left way early in the morning. We were up by 4 getting ready for our 4 day adventure. We left the house at 5 and were on the road by 5:45.

The adventure really started on the road. We stopped at Wal-Mart {in Socorro I believe} to buy an air mattress for my mother~in~law.Their's busted Friday night.

We then went through the city of Magdalena. This was the most funnest part of the ride up there. The town is super little, and I guess the city was about to have a parade because everyone was lined up against the sides of the streets. So the boys decided to be hilarious and started waving to everyone and Gabriel was leaning half way out the car lol. It was hilarious! Everyone was laughing and the people were waving back. Martin was quoting 'Nacho Libre' to them.

We then passed a cute little city called 'Pie Town' and everything in that city had to do with pie. {on the way back we later found out it is more cute than friendly- but we took some cute pictures there}. So we were determined to get a slice of pie on the way back {we ended up not doing it}.

We then finally got to our destination, and there is no other way to describe it but G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.
This place is the most beautiful place I've ever been to besides Glorieta.

We got to our camp site at around 11:30 and began setting up right away.  It didn't take long at all.Shortly after that we were greeted by some nice rain.

We we're right next to a bathroom that was remarkably clean and within a good walking distance to the lake.
We had burgers for lunch that day. They were really yummy.

After lunch we set up horseshoes and the boys {and girls} played. I took a nap because I was exhausted. By the time it as 3:00 in the afternoon it felt like it was 11 at night lol. I then started on my own little adventure. My husband told me not to go far but I didn't listen {wink}, and later saw that he came to follow me {he's such a great husband}.

 We then walked all the way to the lake and boy was it wonderful. We met up with Carmen, Martin and Rico on  the way.On the way there I found a heart rock {and now that I think about it I have no idea where I put it. darn}, and I found a crazy furry caterpillar that was black and yellow.

At the lake the boys caught some tiny bait fish with their sticks that they found around the lake. {Gabriel found a walking stick and a broken wooden paddle}. We also tried to build a log bridge to cross the river but we had no success. The log was too short.

We came back to the camp and had yummy posole for dinner. Everyone began to play Sardines in the dark but it was too scary for me and I was tired so I went to bed.

Day 2 {Sunday}:

I had a hard night's sleep. I slept through most of the night but woke up due to discomfort. If felt like a rock was in my side all night {later to find out that there was a rock right underneath our side of the tent where I was sleeping}. It rained most of the night.

I woke Gabriel up at 6 {ha he was kind of an unhappy camper}, because I was determined to see the elk. My stepfather~in~law drove me to them. The were so beautiful. Just there grazing by the lake.

We came back and Gabriel and I got ready to go fishing. It wasn't even 7 yet and we were at the lake. It was nice for it to just be us. Sadly, we spent about 2 hours at the lake struggling with Gabriel's fishing rod. We took it apart to find that it was broken.

Hungry and a little disappointed we came back to camp and had a yummy breakfast.
Breakfast: Bacon and Egg Burritos
{bacon makes everything better}

We freshened up and headed back to the lake with everyone. On the way to the lake Gabriel came across a snake and clubbed it and killed it. While fishing Gabriel and Martin found another water snake and captured it {pics will be posted later}.  They later set it free but after throwing it in the water every time it would swim back to shore where we were so we left.

On the walk back I accidentally stepped on a snake, jumped back, screamed and spilled soda on my shirt LOL. Luckily the snake just ran away. Poor Rico got scared so we had to calm him down. Right when we got back to the trail we saw another snake go from one hole to another. Total of 4 snakes that day.

We got back to camp a little tired and now it was time for lunch. We had
Lunch:Sandwiches, Chips, Soda.
It was pretty yummy.

It started raining and since I was writing in my journal I went inside the tent to finish. The boys were playing once again.I then napped for most of the afternoon {I took many naps on this trip, {smile}}. I woke up from my nap to some amazing green chile stew for dinner. I noticed that my hubby was off to himself so I went and joined him. I served him some soup and we went off for a nice walk just me and him together.

Overall that moment was the nicest part of the trip for me. We didn't even realize it but we walked about 5 miles from our camp total. It was nice to just talk and share our views about things. We talked about the beauty that surrounded us, our desires to move and be in God's will, our views on abortion and stem cell research. We talked about heaven and what it would be like.

We came up to a beautiful elk on our walk {I was destined to see a bear~ and we thought we saw one but it was just a log under a tree {or was it?}}. She would have let us get closer to her but Gabriel's food accidentally slipped and he started her away. We then came up to this private land and saw how beautiful the view was. I was able to sneak a passionate kiss from my hubby. It swept me off my feet to be able to just have him all to myself.

We walked back to the camp and right as we were seen our group broke out into a bust of laughter. We came to find out we were gone for so long that they were praying for our safety {we had no cell service}, and right after they ended their prayer they saw us show up. God is good :)

We all talked for a couple of hours and then drifted to our tents and fell asleep.

Day 3{Monday}:
This was my favorite morning :) On the menu:

Breakfast: French Toast
I had 3 slices with potato cubes with sausage as our side.

We all then packed up the trucks and went to have lunch at the lake. On the menu for lunch was Discoñada. Let's just say its a burrito with all the most fattening meats all together lol. It sounds gross but it was actually tasty. In it was ground beef, ham, bologna, hot dogs, and bacon. I added sourcream and cheese and boy was it yummy. It's like the 'Beefy 5-Layer Burrito' at Taco Bell just this has more meats in it.

It rained on us during lunch {it rained every day} so we didn't stay at the lake long. It began to poor and when we got back to our camp we were greeted by a large group that set up right next to us. We all went inside our tents because it was raining so much. It was starting to come into the seams of our tents which was kinda of a bummer but we managed.

We then got up to start the best and last dinner of our whole trip. On the menu {yum-O}:

Dinner: Rib Eye Steak, Grilled Corn on the Cob, Baked Potatoes w/ Sour Cream and Cheese.
Gosh it was delicious! We had a good night that night. We brought out the guitar and did some worship and talked about the things that God was laying on my heart. Gabriel's family had a deep emotional talk with one another and we ended in a prayer of blessing over one another. It was a wonderful night.

Day 4 {Tuesday}:
Last day camping! We woke up and started packing right away. We were able to get everything done pretty quick. For our last breakfast we had Egg and Chorizo Burritos. We were on the road by 9.

On our way back we stopped at Pie Town and took some cute pictures. We were so desperate to get home and shower already. My back was in pain from the hard floor so I couldn't wait to get to town, shower, and nap in my bed.

We got home at 2 and did exactly that. We then had a softball game at 6:30. We scored 7 to 11 but it was a good game. We then stopped at my moms, picked up some groceries and then went home♥ where we were greeted by some more rain.

It felt great to fall asleep next to my hubby on our soft bed under the sheets. ♥

Till tomorrow loves.

xo, the mrs.

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