One of those mornings.... :)

Its one of those mornings! Forgot that I set my alarm ahead so I could sleep in yesterday and forgot to change it back last night- so needless to say I woke up late today. On the way late to work I forgot the breakfast my husband made me on the counter. Went to post something this morning on my Facebook page and didn't realize I was accidentally typing in the "Search Box" instead of my "Status Box" so it didn't get posted lol.  So at least my lunch and my head made it with me this morning :)

Soooooooooooo............... One more day and then CAMPING!!!!!!!!! :) I am uber excited for it. I can't wait to get away from the world and just enjoy a huge beautiful lake, grass, pine trees and wonderful company.

Have I mentioned that THIS is the OASIS I'm going to ???!!!!! :) I never knew that something this beautiful could exist in the same state I'm in!

It's gonna be nice to not have to communicate with anyone. To live so carefree for four days. What a haven :) I need to make my list today of stuff not to forget. And I need to clear my camera and charge it :) ahhhh!!

I am so blessed to be able to do this! I hope it's an amazing experience that I always remember. I hope I can tough it out. I have a girly side but I also grew up with brothers and was a tomboy for most of my life. Maybe I'll go back to climbing trees like I used to. Who knows?

To me, this is my weekend to explore and reconnect with life. Things have been so much better for me since I have started this blog. I forgot how therapeutic writing was for my soul. I'm so glad I finally took the step to make this blog. I thought to start one to capture life being married. I really wanted to have a blog before we got pregnant so I could see how things have changed, and so my kids can see how I was before being a mom.

It's kinda weird how I might be a mom one day {unless God comes before then}. I'm kinda scared to go through pregnancy. I wonder how my body will change? I hear amazing stories about being pregnant and then I hear horror stories about being pregnant lol. I hope any and all of my pregnancies are easy and not with a lot of problems.

We'll see whenever the Lord makes it happen.... :)

Well, those are my random babblings for today. 

I will see you all tomorrow if I don't write later.

Until next time :)