Trading Sorrow For Joy :)

Blah. There was so much that happened this weekend that I don't even know where or how to start- all I do know is that I must write.

I had a bitter sweet weekend. Had some good times with friends and family. To be honest I don't remember what we did Friday...I think we spent it with family...NO wait! We went to a going-away party for Ryan. I had fun and ate good :) but Saturday was an eventful day. Me and Gabriel woke up and I declared it a 'Sleep In-No Clean' day! It was nice to just relax with one another.We then decided to get up and hit up Savers. I found a mini cupcake pan for $3.99 and a wooden tray that I have been wanting for our ottoman for only $2.99. Some great sales if I do say so myself :), we then went to a pawn shop, I have never been to one before :) found some interesting knives, jewelry and cameras. I found an old Polaroid camera for cheap that I really wanted. Maybe I will take a visit back. Seeing knives gave Gabe an itch for a new knife so we went to Peddlers Pavilion to look around for one. Didn't find one there so we went to Big 5 and found a sweet one for only $9.99! It's gonna be a great camping knife for this weekend.Came with a compass too :)

We then went to Wal*Mart  and bought stuff for a cake. We had a BBQ planned with the Asel's and Medina's at 4:00. We got back home at 12:30 and Gabriel's dad called him to help him take stuff to the dump at 1:30. He was cleaning out his shed and needed help loading the trailer to take, which Gabriel found out later. We thought that part was already done at the time.

So Gabriel left and I stayed home making the cake. It was already 2:30 and Gabriel still wasn't back so I ended up having a nice lunch with my mom at the mall :). I get home at 3:20ish to get a call from Gabriel that our car completely stopped on him. My heart kinda sunk. Another car problem to deal with! Luckily his dad was able to help him get the car off the road. This time our timing belt broke. We were able to get a ride to the cook out by our good friends. We were an hour and a half late but it still turned out great :)

We had some fun. Had some good burgers, potato salad and swam all evening. His dad stayed working on it from 6 to about 1 in the morning. Our good friends lend us one of their cars. So we were able to get to church the next morning.

After church we went to his dad's and started working on the car again. We got everything off and found more belts that needed to be replaced. So off to the store to spend more money. We get back- finish everything up and start it. NO GOOD. One of two things: the valves got bent- or the timing belt was slightly off. We were hoping for the latter.

After 7 hours of working on the car we still don't have it running. So we left it and joined our friends at the light parade. It gets worse every year but it was nice to get our minds off of things. Afterwards we went to our friends (Medina's) house but we all got hit with being tired from a long day so we left.

So yesterday morning we slept in just a little. We then started getting ready and got up to go help our Dad again. They borrowed a car computer reader to see exactly if it was the timing belt or the valve, and it was the valve. So now we have to remove the part and give it to one of his dad's mechanic friends- and some more replacement needs to be done- and some more money.

So four loads of laundry, more money, and some quality time later- we feel like we are back at square one lol. Lets just say this was not how I pictured my Fourth of July weekend. And my poor father-in-law spent it all working on our car. I just wish we could go get a new vehicle but at the moment we can't. God must have a purpose for this 'cause He knows we don't have the money for this.

I am trying to keep a positive attitude but I broke down and cried this morning. I was so angry at the situation. Not even at God, just with everything else. You feel hopeless. And it feels like when it rains it pours. I am trying so hard to have a mind like Christ. I want to make Him happy. I want to pass the test and I try to remain inspired by Job.

I want to see the good in all of this but sometimes its hard. Especially when everything feels hopeless. I know God has everything in control but sometimes it just feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

I just gotta remain positive and keep my trust in the Lord. He is my helper and redeemer and I just gotta remind myself that He is always Faithful.

So to keep myself reminded let me list all the ways I was blessed this weekend. I am a firm believer that we are blessed more than we are afflicted :).

*Again, life and a beautiful family/marriage and a group of friends.

*Although we were unable to fix our car, our friends lent us one and we were still able to get around.

*We had a good meal all weekend. And food always makes things better :)

*I tried some great new things this Saturday at the BBQ. Even had some amazing home-made peach ice cream :) that was memorable.

*Again, very grateful for my father-in-law. He worked on our car all weekend and we didn't have to pay for     labor (Even though when we do have money we want to take him out to eat and buy him a gift).

*I was able to really bond and have a good time with my stepmother-in-law. I really enjoyed that part of this weekend because even though me and Gabriel have been together since 2009 I haven't really had a chance to do that.

*We were able to get a lot of laundry done at my in-laws while the boys worked on the car, so that's good :) free laundry!

*I was blessed with some free clothes this weekend. Always a plus!

*Went to a great BBQ yesterday and had some amazing stuff from the grill! Martin is a beast :) LOL! and I got to watch an amazing firework display with my husband and star gaze- which I haven't done in a while. It was pretty cool :) I took pictures and plan on uploading them tonight. Of the cake too :) and I also got to get to spend some time with another amazing couple. I hope we get to become good friends :)

*All in all I had a great weekend :) had some amazing time with my family and got to end last night seeing my mom. I love her so much.  The car problems do stink- but if I take the time to realize and count all the ways that I have been blessed it kinda outweighs the bad.

Thanks for that :)

Until tonight :)...


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  1. K- Looks like plans changed for tonight and I won't be able to upload pics. But I will upload them as soon as I can :)