Hello :)! It's a new day full of new promises! And I can't wait to begin them.

Tonight us ladies go grocery shopping for our camping trip. I am so excited for that!
Me and my hubby really need this little vacay. 3 more days of work and then 4 days of
splendid time with nature :). I need to start making my list of things I can't forget.
It will be a bummer not to be able to write while I'm gone but I can't wait to share the stories
and share the pics.

I am extremely ecstatic for lunch today. I packed a yummy salad! I have been craving one
since yesterday.

 Well, as my blog has kind of been a journey about my growth, I would like to say that my 
marriage is growing quite lovely. Although this weekend has been filled with frustrations regarding
our car {and we have fought a little bit} our love and make-ups seem to be growing so much 
deeper. I simply {love} it. 

I am very thankful for my husband. More and more I feel like he is becoming my bestest friend.
Even though I struggle some times with opening up, once I do it's like I let him in to the most
amazing, profound areas of my heart and he begins to open up my world with such love and
such beauty.

I love it when I hear our old love songs. They send love chills down my spine and it draws me
back to the moments where slowly he won my heart. And he did it by really loving me. By
truly accepting me. 

I never imagined that God would make someone to see me so beautiful. Ha sometimes I tell him
that God must have made him blind in order for me to see my like he does. He doesn't like it when
I tell him that lol but it amazes me how a man can love me so much.

And it makes me wonder why I sometimes want to push it away. Why sometimes I want to give up.
I really think it's because I don't ever wanna risk getting hurt. When you get a fairy tale prince and a
fairy tale love- it's hard not to believe that it's all gonna fade and turn into a horrible nightmare.

He has sacrificed a lot just to love me. He went through a lot just to date me {poor guy}. But he did it
all for me. And every night when I go to sleep he's there. And every morning when I wake up he's there. 

I am so blessed to have him. And I really should take the time to realize this more often.

I want to be the best wife that I can be for him. 

He truly deserves it.......

We all make mistakes, and I think I need to learn how to be more understanding. Love keeps no record
of wrongs- and even though I don't judge either of us for what we've gone through together as a couple- I
think at times I don't realize that I don't fully let things go.

I am very thankful that God has been teaching me a lot of things behind the scenes in my marriage. He has
really been directing my heart and showing me things as a wife that I need to work on; and it is sculpting the
love that I have for my husband. I am not perfect and sometimes I throw my tantrums, but I am a willing
work in progress.

I love my husband with all my heart :) and I can't wait to spend a lifetime learning everything about him and 
making him happy. We can grow together or we can grow apart and I choose to grow together ♥.

So last but not least:

I SHOULD BE GETTING A TATTOO NEXT FRIDAY :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I designed it myself :) I won't give any more details other than that :) once I get it I will post a pic.

That's all for today :)

 Until next time.



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